It all began in 1999 when the group made a humble beginning with an advertising and printing division in Abu Dhabi. The rest is history; and all it took in its making has been a short span of 14 years. Catering to the requirements of a wide group of clients, the Golden Group grew rapidly into what it is today. Commitment, hard work and professionalism included.

Now, with long-term business goals in focus, the group is on with bigger expansion prospects with the aim to conquer newer horizons of success.


A team as versatile as ever.


The setting up of a screen printing division was just a beginning, as mentioned. The group quickly diversified into various business ventures, making a mark in each of them. Today, the group stands tall spreading across sectors such as retail, hospitality and real estate among various others. Over 1300 dedicated and skilled professionals have been employed by the group and they have been a big reason why Golden Group is what it is today.

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